It’s pizza time!!

It is true that this recipe does not really belong here. Not because it wasn’t Sunday yesterday that I tried it (and definitely not because it isn’t baking). But it is not a new recipe found on the Internet, on some beautiful food-blog with amazing pictures. It is a basic pizza recipe I have been using for quite a long now, only varied with different toppings each time.

So, in order to keep Edu happy (and avoid his complains about me not presenting anything new this Sunday), I have used the same pizza dough recipe to try a new kind of “pizza”: Fried Chocolate Pizza! The recipe in fact is taken from a Spanish cookbook I have, entirely focused on pizza and crazy variations of it (including “pizza soup” and “inhaled pizza”).

Here goes the recipe for the basic pizza dough:


  • 500gr. all purpose flour
  • 25gr. yeast (not the dry one, if you use dry you must put less, around 1/3 of it)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 300ml. (or a bit more) of water

(* I used warm water and then I read at the book that using warm water you actually make focaccia and you must use cold water for pizza dough. Well, this is new…)

For the fried chocolate pizzas I also used nutella and powdered sugar.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have any tomato sauce this time. Tragedy! How do you make pizza without tomato sauce?? I decided to give it a try anyway, and try to make a kind of focaccia. Result: my pizza turned out a bit dry. Maybe it is the oven’s fault or maybe I did something wrong (I am sure it is the oven’s fault!!). I wonder how they make focaccia, that is really soft like bread.  Final grade: 3,5. Although I think the dough recipe deserves a bit more, it was only this particular implementation of it that turned out a bit disappointing.


Then I tried the mini fried pizzas. You have to cut small dough circles, then fry them in oil and when they are cold fill them with chocolate sauce (=nutella) and put some powdered sugar on top. Trust me, they turn out surprisingly good! They get fluffy while fried and it is easy to open and fill them up with anything you like. Of course the nutella helps a lot (anything with nutella is perfect! except the nutella and peanut butter toasts I tried once… well, that’s another story…)


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