Today I decided to bake one of the classic catalan recipes: “magdalenas“, also known to the rest of the world as muffins or cupcakes. Usually magdalenas, unlike cupcakes, do not come with any frosting or icing. They are simple, either plain or with chocolate chips. They are not really different than the basic cake I baked the other day, just that they come in individual cups, so it is easier to share with friends.

You can find the original recipe here if you know catalan, in this new blog I discovered (in catalan only), called La cuina de casa. It has so many great recipes, and the best thing is they are easy to do, with ingredients I can easily find here. I will definitely try some more next Sundays.


• 2 eggs
• 175g sugar
• 60ml milk
• 190g oil (they suggest using sunflower oil but I used olive oil instead)
• 210g flour
• 2 teaspoons of honey
• 5g baking powder Royal
• a bit of salt
• zest from one lemon or orange


Well, instructions are really simple and well explained in the blog. For those of you don’t speaking catalan, you basically start beating eggs and sugar together really well until they are white and foamy. Then you add the rest of the ingredients one by one (milk, honey, flour+baking powder+salt, orange zest). You let the mixture at the fridge for about an hour. You finally divide the mix to the individual cups and bake for ten minutes at 200º with heat only under the cake and another ten minutes at 190º with heat at both sides (if your oven have a setting like that).


I wouldn’t say it is a complete disaster but I was certainly hoping for more. First of all, they are slightly burnt underneath. Every oven is different and I think mine gets really hot faster than others. At the same time, they didn’t rise at all, so they are not as fluffy as I would like them. There was more of an “horizontal” expansion of the cakes than height-wise. Could be that I used simple paper muffin bases, which didn’t maintain their form at all while baking.

I really hope next time and correcting these two things I will obtain better results. The taste is not bad, so I guess the guys at the office will have no problem eating them, and they may even be grateful! As you see in the photo I have tried three slightly different variations: chocolate chips, sugar, and plain (where I plan to add either Nutella or buttercream topping). But I am too lazy to make the topping now, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, have a nice Sunday evening!!


3 thoughts on “Magdalenas

  1. Hola Anna! T’he descobert pel comentari que has deixat al meu blog 🙂
    Quina passada fer un blog de cuina en anglès… ha de ser molt més complicat, je je je…
    Les magdalenes costen molt de trobar-los el punt de forn, però segur que el proper cop et pujaran millor.
    El tema dels papers és clau, va mot bé ficar-los dins de motlles rígids (de flameres) així no s’obren. Segur que amb aquest truco, enlloc d’expandir-se et pujaran i et faran el típic “copete” de les magadalenes 😉
    I sobretot, l’estona de repò també çes molt important 😉

    Ja t’he apuntat pel Caprabo 😉

    • Hola Gemma!
      Moltes gracies per el teu comentari! Si, es veritat que es complicat en angles, pero es que tinc amics tant aqui com a Grecia i com no podia decidir en quin idioma dels dos escriure… be, he optat per un tercer! 🙂

      Les magdalenes tenian molt bona pinta en el teu blog pero despres ha sigut un petit desastre 😦 La dubta que tenia era si despres de reposar en la nevera les has de deixar agafar un altre cop temperatura ambient, ja que em sembla raro posarles fredes directament al forn… en fin, aquest cap de setmana torno a probar-les!

      Ens veiem en el taller de Caprabo, moltes gracies!!

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