Magdalenas part II

This is so much better!

You see, you must never give up. I always give up when a food disaster happens. But look what happened the second time I tried this: yummy!! I was so pleased with this new batch of cakes. They turned out perfect!



If you want to see the recipe check my previous post here. There were three basic changes to that recipe, although none in the ingredients, only the execution.

  • First of all there was no letting the mixture in the fridge (I think it made the previous mixture cold and difficult to rise afterwards). I have tried to let half of the mixture set for half an hour (outside the fridge) before baking but I didn’t notice any difference between the two trials.
  • Second, I used a lower temperature in the oven (at least for my oven it was enough with around 180º to start, lowering to 170º after 10 minutes and uniformly distributing the heat on both sides during the whole baking time).
  • And third, I bought some new muffin bases which keep their form during baking and allow the cakes to rise upwards and not sidewards!

In these two mini-cakes I followed a trick of my friend Vero. She said I should cut a bit of dark chocolate and stick it in the top of the cake while it is still hot, just after taking it out of the oven. Now I really regret doing this to only two cakes, cause the chocolate melted so nice and it made a perfect chocolate muffin. Next time I will do all of them like that.

But trust me on this, they are seriously delicious!


3 thoughts on “Magdalenas part II

  1. Ei, t’han quedat molt millor, felicitats!
    El toc de la xocolata és perfecte, segur que encara queden més bones.
    Jo deixo reposar la massa un mínim de 6 hores, si ho proves ja veuràs com sí que es nota la diferència 😉

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