No baking: Sunday Calçotada

Calçotada is how they call in Catalonia the barbecues happening around this time with main ingredient lots of “calçots“, a vegetable very similar to leeks or green onion. It is really typical here to celebrate the beginning of the calçots season by organizing huge barbecues with friends and cooking the calçots in the fire.

I know, I know, they look burned, but this is really how they are supposed to be. Because in order to eat them you remove the outer, burned layers and add a lot of calçots sauce, a special sauce based on tomato and almonds. The secret? You mustn’t be afraid of getting really dirty… cause there is no way you won’t be!

And the good news is that even if you don’t really like calçots, there is always plenty of grilled meat afterwards!

You can see a video of our Sunday calçots-eating here.


2 thoughts on “No baking: Sunday Calçotada

  1. je je je… no sé pas si la gent de fora es pot fer una idea de què és una calçotada i de com és mengen els calçots 🙂

  2. Es molt complicat, porto anys intentant explicar-lo a mons pares i germana pero si no lo vius no entens la gracia que fa 🙂

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