Apple Pie (mum’s recipe)

This is my family’s recipe of an upside down apple pie, I grew up eating this cake. It is simple to make and great to eat with a glass of milk or coffee.

The picture above was taken 5 years ago, during a visit to my best friend’s house near Athens. We had the greatest time drinking coffee and discussing about life in general (the greek way of drinking coffee is a bit different from the italian or spanish way, in the sense that it is a whole process lasting at least one or two hours and it is basically a get together time more than the actual coffee itself). Ok, the truth is that we started with coffee but we ended up drinking wine with “mezedes” until late, which is probably why I remember having such a good time!

(Alex, get ready to repeat this in Milan!)

Anyway, back to the apple pie. I have tried this recipe various times, many of which was a bit of a disaster, however this time it turned out pretty good, especially considering that I did it in a hurry and without really counting the exact weight and amount of the ingredients.

This time I will give you no recipe, basically because I am lazy, but let’s say that it is a family secret 🙂

Have a good day!!


4 thoughts on “Apple Pie (mum’s recipe)

  1. Oh… volem la recepta! 🙂
    Trobo que per fer-lo a ull t’ha quedat fantàstic, a mi m’encanten els pastissos de poma!
    I aquest fet al revés té una pinta sensacional, ideal per esmorzar amb el cafè amb llet 😉

  2. Gemma, un dia d’aquest posare la recepta, no te gran secret la veritat 🙂

    Jaumet!!!! Quina gracia veure-t per aqui! 🙂

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