La vie en rose!

The last two weeks were amazing!! We were completely caught between a football marathon (4 Barça-Madrid games in a row), a fantastic Manel concert and a 5-day visit to Paris, with wedding party included!

Oh Paris!!

We had such a great time! The weather, which was simply perfect, the food, the wine, the lazy days between the Versailles park and Montmartre… Our friends were getting married in Versailles (because they live there, not because they are so rich that they booked the Versailles palace!) and the wedding party that followed was such a huge food festival that we spent the rest of our days there ordering simple salads and trying to recover.

In Paris, everyone was enjoying the sun lying at the parks

or next to the river

so we basically spent our time doing the same!

And when we got tired of lying around, we headed towards Montmartre, to view Paris from the top of the hill and have a glass of wine with some cheese and ham assortments, which felt so “french”!

So, I hope now you understand why I have been so busy (and lazy) these past few weeks that I had no time to bake anything new. But I promise to be back using my kitchen oven very soon! Just as soon as all the french wine gets out of my system…


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