Greetings from Sivota…

…one of the most wonderful places in Greece!

Sivota is a small town by the sea near Igoumenitsa, in the north-west part of Greece, just in front of the more famous Corfu island. It is were I usually spend my summer holidays since I was 8 years old, so it is filled with sooo many great memories!

We ‘ve just arrived this morning and we brought some leftovers for a quick lunch: greek salad with feta cheese, “fakes” (lentil soup) and “keftedes” (meatballs).

And now if you excuse me, I have to go and catch up from where I left it last summer:

my favorite spot on earth!


One thought on “Greetings from Sivota…

  1. Nosaltres vam anar a Kalymnos aquesta setmana santa i vam menjar super bé… Grècia és el paradís!
    Ja saps que he acabat l’stage i me’n vaig de vacances, així que vinc a desitjar-te molt bon estiu. Ens veiem el setembre!

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