Simple egg recipes

There are two recipes that my mum uses often as a last minute quick lunch or supper and both of them are based on eggs. Guess what: eggs is my favorite ingredient on the whole world! So, even if these recipes are so simple that they don’t really need any recipe, I decided to give them an honorary post. There is only one secret: the eggs you use must be really fresh, free-range, organic eggs. This is how they taste so good and they get this beautiful yellow color.

Scrambled eggs with feta

(*no paid advertisement but the best feta in Greece is “Dodoni’s Feta”)

Scrambled eggs with fresh tomato sauce and feta

Try them and tell me which variation you prefer.


2 thoughts on “Simple egg recipes

  1. Ahir vaig provar el remenat de tomàquet. Com que no puc posar lactis, en comptes de feta ho vaig acompanyar amb pèsols … nyam! nyam!

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