Mousaka illustrated

Some months ago, I posted a simplified version of the recipe of the most famous greek dish: mousaka! And although it did not turn bad at all, when this summer my mother decided to cook mousaka, I saw a unique opportunity of photographing everything, step by step. You see, cooking and photographing at the same time can be quite tricky, while photographing others, well, it’s just fun. So, here is my mum’s mousaka, fully illustrated!

Step 1: Start by preparing all your basic ingredients: fried eggplants, fried potatoes and a huuuge bowl of bolognese sauce.

Step 2: Layer up everything in a deep baking dish. Start with half of the fried potatoes, then half of the fried eggplants on top and then ALL of the meat sauce.

Repeat the process with the rest of the potatoes and eggplants.

Step 3: Ok, so now that you have everything nicely layered down the tray, it’s time to cover them up with the bechamel sauce.

It’s much better if you can use homemade bechamel but since it is quite difficult to do I forgive you if you decide not to 🙂

Step 4: Into the oven, for around 45′ and…. (drum roll sound) voila!!


Mummy, I miss you!!!


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