Chocolate chip cookies

It’s cookies time!!

Since I saw the nutella cookies on Gemma’s blog, I just needed to try them, they seemed extremely easy and popular and the truth is they really are! I made a badge of them and took them to the office, there was none left as always, only this time they disappeared even faster, cause there are really very few people that can resist a cookie. This is actually the reason I had no time at all to take any photograph of them.

However, the thing is that, when you start baking cookies you just realize that they are so easy and fun that you cannot stop. So, the next think I baked was again cookies! Only this time a classic american recipe: chocolate chip cookies. I am a big fan of Bakerella and all the wonderful, colorful stuff that she creates, though normally I don’t try any of them cause they seem really hard to do. But this cookie recipe is not hard at all. I was a bit worried cause I have never baked cookies before (well, before the nutella ones), so I did some more searching on the internet and found another very similar recipe from Joy of baking. Both are great, the only thing is that Bakerella’s cookies are more dark and have more chocolate with the cocoa powder added in the dough. But on the other hand you can find a very nice step-by-step video on Joy of baking blog, which is good for beginners like me 🙂


  • 180grams  flour
  • 60grams cocoa (I used pure cocoa powder, although you can use drinking chocolate)
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 120grams butter, slightly softened
  • 300grams sugar (I used 150grams of white sugar and 150grams of brown)
  • 120grams peanut butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 200grams dark chocolate chips
  • chopped pecans, optional (I used walnuts)

*makes around 30 cookies


This time I ‘ve managed to save some of them in order to take a picture and post it here. I was happy with the result, although I am not sure I got the baking time right. Just coming out of the oven they are great, the inside is soft and the chocolate chips runny. Once they are cold they tend to get harder, they are still a bit chewy but not as much as I though they would be. I think you should take them out of the oven slightly under-baked, even if they seem softer than they should. Anyway, next time I would do some more testing!!!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate chip cookies

  1. Ja tinc el despatx dividit en dues bandes, els que prefereixen els cookies de nutella i els que volen mes chocolate chip cookies. “Eso es la guerra”! 🙂

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