Anna’s list of cool cafés

Barcelona is a big city and there are always new places to discover. As I enjoy walking down its streets I often come across new cute stores like coffee shops, bakeries, patisseries and traditional chocolate and “xurros” cafes. I am a list person, so I have decided to make a list of these cute little places so I won’t forget to visit them and try them all as soon as possible!


These are the most traditional, offering the typical “xurros con chocolate” and other home made desserts like “crema catalana”, “arroz con leche” o “pastis de formatge”.


  • Elsa y Fred (Rec Comptal, 11): Just next to Arc de Triomf, in a very authentic neighborhood, great for romantic walks in the old city’s small street. Ideal for long coffee breaks with a good book or your laptop, plenty of space (except on weekends when it gets crowded) and nice plates for when you get hungry (brunch plates on great prize, dinner plates a bit expensive). Only downsize their coffee is not the best. (see my review for more)
  • Brunch & Cake (Enrique Granados, 19): From the same guys as Cup & Cakes, they offer a nice atmosphere with much light and views in the pedestrian street of Enrique Granados and great, huge cakes! I had some “torrijas” for breakfast once which were really really good! (see my review for more). 
  • Espai Joliu (Badajoz, 95): New favorite in Poblenou! One of the most awesome places on decor, love it! Great coffee (the use specialty brews) and some options of organic cakes. Facebook page espaijoliu/
  • Granja Petitbo (Paseo Sant Joan, 82): One of the latest additions to my list, has a great design with attention to small details, some nice sofas next to big windows watching the Passeo Sant Joan movement and ecological products. Their Sunday brunch can be veeeery crowded. (see my review here). Facebook page Granja Petitbo 
  • Mamma’s Cafe (Torrijos, 26): Very cute and with a nice back garden. Especially nice for tea or coffee and cake, all organic. As the name indicates, it can be full of kids some times!
  • Nabucco Tiramisu (Pl. Vila de Gracia): Great selection of cakes, teas, fresh juices, nice space inside and great terrace in one of Gracia’s nicest areas for the summer.
  • Giulietta(Pl. Tetuan, 4): Great coffee, nice sandwiches and cakes, usually quite full though and could be crowded with kids on weekends. Better for a quick morning coffee before going to the office.
  • Cafe Clarés (Bruc, 162): Very “french”, great magdalenas and cakes, although a bit expensive and with very few tables and space. The “garçons” have the characteristic french attitude: they never smile and they always seem a bit bothered with something. (see my review for more). They also have a very nice midday lunch menu.
  • Cafe Emma (Pau Claris, 142): Another “french” bistrot (there is a french boom in Barcelona these days), although with the same “french” attitude… Has more plates for lunch or dinner as well. I really recommend the basket of cruasans and pastries for breakfast, their eggs benedict are also great! (see my review for more).
  • Strata Bakery (Provença, 158): After seeing the photos of this post and all the variety of tarts and cakes they have, I went to make them a visit, the red velvet was quite good but I was a bit disappointed by the space, cause although it is nicely decorated has no natural light at all…


eggs and bacon

I admit it: brunch is my favorite meal of the week! I have been checking the various places offering brunch in Barcelona the last couple of years, and I am happy to see that they are multiplying and the offer is growing constantly. Here is my list of brunch places worth a visit.

  • Elsa y Fred, See above. Love the scrambled eggs with bacon, nice price as well!
  • Milk, one of the first places to offer brunch in Barcelona. Decent plates and prices, but usually crowded with tourists. Prices around 10€.
  • Picnic (Comerç, 1), great plates, but a bit noisy. Tends to get really full, so reserve a sit.
  • Cafe Emma, See above. Has some nice eggs benedict, although it used to be better.
  • Tonka (Marqués de Campo Sagrado, 27), I think their specialty is home-made cakes and a variety of organic products, recommended by a friend.
  • Alsur Cafe Quit expensive actually for what is gives.
  • Federal Cafe (Parlament, 39 and new place in Gotic), brunch from 10 to 20€ in a very “nordic” decor.
  • El Bombon (Riera Alta, 36)
  • LaFourmi (Mila i Fontanals), smaller and less touristic, very good offer for only 8€, although do not expect sophisticated plates such as “eggs benedict”.
  • TimeLine (Providencia, 3 in Gracia), brunch with free buffet from 15€.

Some more recommendations in this link of the Timeout magazine or this other from the (this last one is focused on what they call “gastrohipsters”.

*In case you haven’t noticed, many of these places are located in a small street, called Petritxol. This is a narrow, hidden street, close to the crowded streets of Portaferrissa and La Rambla, crammed with numerous art galleries, bookshops, chocolate shops and cafeterias. Whatever you do in Barcelona, don’t miss it!

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